Josh and Adam started as embryos, 53 times smaller than a US nickel. Then, after high school they went to Russia to paint orphanages and clear shrubbery. In their junior year of college they appeared on Comedy Central for 30 seconds at 4am.

This overwhelming success was quickly followed up with a multi-year stint on ABC. There, they teamed up with good friend and reporter Robert Krulwich who let them dress up as sheep and smash dozens of eggs for Nightline and Good Morning America.

Other memorable achievements include running out of gas in Ohio, getting hot gelatin into a balloon, and building a pickle electrifier for Oliver Sacks.

Josh graduated from The University of Southern California, loved the weather but didn’t have a car. 2,319 miles away, Adam graduated from Oberlin College, hated the weather but did have car.

Adam is slightly taller, doesn’t wear glasses and thinks salt and pepper should come in the same shaker. Josh can whistle in German and lives by the motto: “Always smell your food before you eat it.”